Tuesday, August 4, 2015

On your mark, pencils set, now WRITE!

We told you there was news afoot, and the day has come to announce it!

In honor of all of you who love to share your memories about kitchens and cooking past, we are putting together a book. Written by YOU!

100 entries will be included in the book. Winners will be based on how well you pull us into the scene as you describe it. So be as descriptive as you can, incorporate your emotions, involve the senses, and generally offer us some good writing.

Gorgeous, full color books will be available shortly after Thanksgiving. Write about a loved one and you just might be able to give them a copy of their story for Christmas!

The contest ends at 11:59pm September 30, 2015.

Now get writing, and GOOD LUCK!

Click here to submit your story.

Click here to get your basic questions answered.

Click here to read the legalese.

NOTE: A $20 submission fee helps us cover all the costs associated with producing the book. While fees like this are common in the writing contest world, we WISH we could offer it for free. Unfortunately our pockets are already inside out and threadbare, and so in order to get your memories in print we have no choice but to include the fee.

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