Friday, February 10, 2012

Sack O' Sauce in a Can O' Meat

All due thanks to the Cathy Peters and the Gallery of Regrettable Foods for this image:

Just wow.

Of course I had to find more examples for your culinary(?) enjoyment.

This one may be my favorite. Apparently wieners in a can were just the thing to have on hand in case the doorbell rings when you least expect it. It even comes with recipe suggestions, such as "Barbecue wieners stuffed with dressing".


This picture has slightly better image quality so that you can really see the juicy meaty chunks:

Plus check out the little egg shaped guy holding a huge wiener in the lower right corner.

What do you suppose his story is?

The ghost of sack o' sauce past?


  1. One wonders why didn't this fantastic idea just didn't stick around?!!! **GAHGGHH**!!! (((gagging)))

  2. When I was at University in the Sixties I lived on Spork, Spam, Klick, Klam. Wonder what sort of by-products was in that stuff. Shudderto think.

    1. Let's just hope the preservatives work on our bodies the way they did on the "meat."