Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Oh Frank. You are Such a Ham.

Here are a variety of pig pictures from Cutco Meat and Poultry Cookery. Clearly Frank, the illustrator, thinks that swine are just thrilled to pieces to offer themselves up for our feasting pleasure.

Just look at them frolicking in various settings.

1. Juggling:2. Drunk:3. Crowned king of all swine:

4. Getting high?5. Starring in minor theatrics:

6. Tanning:7. Acting as chief pillow and butt rest:

You'll find some of these illustrations in recipes to come. Others will simply stand on their own merits.

Pork out.


  1. I love the illustrations but they also make me sad!

  2. wilbur?
    All the pig places and pictures reminded me of a line from Charlottes web;direct from WILBUR....

    Wilbur is eyeing Charlotte's egg sack
    Charlotte: I'm versatile.
    Wilbur: Does versatile mean full of eggs?
    Charlotte: [chuckling] Certainly not. Versatile means I can change with ease from one thing to another.