Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Dexterous Wrenches and Autumn Frolics

What better way to follow up on an eel post than to show you a page about oysters! Especially apropos on an autumn day such as this.

Helpful advice is, as usual, offered in abundance. For example, one should wash the oysters so as not to offend fastidious guests.

Your own "good man" will be truly heartened by your offering of this pearl of bivalves when he comes home on a wet night, cold, tired, and hungry.


Don't forget your bushel basket. Or your knife. or the pepper pot.


  1. My fire is nowhere near my peck. Just sayin'.

  2. I never served oysters,after reading this practical book of home making advice,I am wondering if this may have contributed to the demise of my second marriage,I never offered a pearl of cockles. Which most assuredly left him disheartened and yearning for the sound of oyster knifes and accompanying laughter. My first husband however dexterously wrenched his own oysters. hmmmm..perplexing

  3. Crying cockles and muscles, alive, alive-O!