Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Best Chili in Washington, or His Name isn't President Truman.

This entry comes from Sarah McClendon, of "Sarah McClendon Bureau".
Mrs. Eugene Worley laughed when her husband, Federal Judge Worley of Washington, DC said he was bringing the President of hte United States home to dinner.

Speaker Raybuurn, yes, or Chief Justice Vinson or Associate Justice Clark. They were regular chili "customers" at the Worley home. Even Judge Worley himself sort of gulped when President Truman, some years ago, picked him up on an invitation to a chili supper, saying "Why yes, I'll be over tonight."

His wife was still laughing at the joke her husband thought he was playing on her when she began receiving calls from the Secret Service for directions to the Worley home. Frantically, she rushed out to the neighbors to borrow silver, china, and even a spare maid.

Soon she began receiving telephone bulletins on the progress of the party from the Secret Service, saying "we are rounding such-and-such a corner and will arrive in 5 1/2 minutes." To her amazement, Secret Service men immediately dashed to the kitchen to taste the chili--not for flavor, but to make sure it was safe eating for a President.

This is the recipe for Mrs. Worley's s famous chili which former Presendt Truman proclaimed "the best in Washington."

Mrs. Worley's Chili

4 pounds coarsely ground boneless chuck
1 cup chili powder
6 rounded tablespoons flour
2 quarts water
Chopped clove of garlic
Oregano to taste, about 1 teaspoon
1 tablespoon salt
Ground cumin seed to taste, about 1 teaspoon

Mix chili powder and flour. Stir until it makes paste. Brown meat in large skillet with small amount of fat. Mix paste with meat while browning. Add water, garlic, oregano, cumin seed, salt. Simmer two ours slowly. Best if left overnight and reheated the next day. Test-taste. Serves 10. Best with beans, tamales, or rice.

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