Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Always Peptonize Before You Enema-ize

So many mysterious things can be found in old cook books. Take this "recipe" for example:

What the heck is peptonizing powder? you might well ask.

Or Why might one wish to drink milk once it has been added?

Good questions.

Here's what I discovered after a bit of judicious Googling:
"Peptonized milk is used in many conditions in which it is thought that the gastric digestion is too feeble to digest ordinary milk, or in which it is desired, as sometimes, in typhoid fever, for instance, to avoid the curdling of milk in the stomach. Milk should always be peptonized before being introduced into an enema."
(From "Materia Medica Pharmacy, Pharmacology And Therapeutics", by W. Hale White, 1911)

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