Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Candlestick Salad (That's what -she- said.)

I remember this recipe from an old children's cookbook read in years past, but when I checked the three I have in my library, it wasn't included. I'd hoped to find a picture, but perhaps it's best that I didn't. (Search Google images if you must.)

As with the recipe for Prune Loaf (jello), I find the shifting societal trends reflected in cookbooks really interesting. In today's world, the only place this salad could be served would be at a bachelorette party.

I wonder when the shift away from phallic shaped foods (other than those served in buns) was complete? Early 1970s perhaps?

If the trend continues, might hot dogs soon be flattened?

Candlestick Salad

For each person allow 1 slice of canned pineapple placed on a lettuce leaf. Put one half a banana in the center, pour a little mayonnaise at one end, to represent the wax running down, with a small piece of red cherry for the flame.Use orange peel or green pepper for the handle.


  1. Imagine if you must a new hot dog is introduced at McDonalds...would one be brave enough to ask for a super-sized weiner?

  2. Hopefully they'd call it a McDog or something less intimidating than the W-word.