Tuesday, January 31, 2012

What IS it About Buffalo Wings?

It's time for a snack food revolution. Something new for sports-related high holidays such as the Super Bowl.

All the food Facebook pages, blogs, etc. are talking about chicken wings, so I'm trying to break down what makes them so darned popular. Not to mention delicious.

The wings themselves are crispy, unctious, chewy, salty, spicy, and vinegary. The typical accompaniament of blue cheese sauce adds creaminess, additional saltiness, and a touch of bitter tartness. Celery contrasts everything with its palate cleansingly cool crunch.

In other words, Buffalo wings provide every flavor profile except sweet. (Some versions even add that, though I can't approve of them. Nor should they include the word "Buffalo" in their name.)

Have a look at the birthplace of these tangy treats:

You can learn more about their history at the bar's website: http://www.anchorbar.com/.

When discussing Buffalo wings, you can't not talk about hot sauce. In this case, the king of hot sauces. Frank's RedHot Sauce.

Apparently some people put the stuff on EVERYTHING.

But back to my initial premise. The combination of hot, spicy, crunchy, tart, crispy, smooth, cool and creamy is obviously a winner.

Now to come up with an alternative and start the next big Super Bowl snacking craze...

No pressure. I've got four days.


  1. That's correct, the Anchor Bar it is. I've been through Buffalo several times but never there.

    Usually the hottest I will have wings are "medium". As for Frank's Hot Sauce, I find that pretty mild actually. so I put it on a lot of stuff too.

  2. Is this the sauce britt puts on everything?

  3. Well, I'm a native Buffalonian so I'll give you a tip. The Anchor Bar may have invented them, but the best wings in Buffalo are at Duffs, on Sheridan Drive. (And that's not just me saying it... it's every native saying it.)

    And, yes, the only hot sauce is Franks. Goes everywhere except on ice cream or in coffee.

  4. @Carol,my daughter practically drinks the stuff.

  5. @Carol: I've never been to either place so I trust your local knowledge!

    Frank's is something special. For shizzle.

    Still contemplating how to replace wings with The Next Big Thing though.