Monday, August 29, 2011

What's for Dessert: Lemon Coconut Balls

I've been playing with variants of a recipe unimaginatively called "Cake Balls". Last night's version was a play on lemon meringue pie. I should have used lemon curd rather than lemon pie filling for additional tartness. Plus I'm still thinking about what to use for "crust" rather than coconut, something that won't get soggy.

Even so, they are delicious!

(Can't post the recipe here as I'm hoping to submit it to a few contests. I'll post it after it wins a million dollar bake off. Promise.)


  1. I am off to eat one now....yummmy!
    dont tell..shhhh

  2. they sound delicious. is there another word for "balls"? i like meatballs and rum balls but there's something about eating balls that grosses me out :)

  3. i bet these would be great with Reeses!

  4. Did you ever nail down a recipe for these? I would love to know how you make them :)